Nanofiller Analysis

The aboratory is mainly used to perform test andanalysis of the performance for nano-filled materials and oil materials, There are many types of experimental equipment including carbon black oil absorptiontometer of Brabender.colour photometer and flat grinder of US Hunter Lab,automatic open cup flash point tester, petroleum productstester of kinematic viscosity, pour point and solidification point, density and moisture, etc. lt not only can carry out experiments of oil absorption of carbon black and shading performance, but also test a series of performance such as kinematic viscosity, density and so on about oil materials,which providing evaluation and support for thehprovement of production performance for tire rubber.

Air Leakage Test

The air leakage test for PCR and TBR tires is mainly carried out. The equipment is provided by Shanghai MingKong sensing technology co., LTD., which can be used to automatically calculate the tire pressure maintenance rate and provide support for the improvement and adjustment of the tire airtight layer formulation.


Noise testing of PCR and TBR tires is mainly carried out. Test equipment is a single drum tester of AVL company. Simi-Anechoic Chamber is designed with innerand outer rooms, the outer space is about 150 square meters, the inner room is about 110 square meters, and theinner defense is designed with a sharp wedge, and the localnoise is not higher than 25 dB.

High Temperature

The laboratory is mainly used to conduct the heat treatment experiments of various materials such as ashing.volatilization, melting and so on. The main instruments include Microwave Muffle Furnace of CEM,Tubular Resistance Furnace and Box Furnace of ThermoFisher Vacuum Drying Oven,Electric Heat Blow Drying Oven,Vertical Horizontal Combustion Instrument, etc. lt can realize the simulation test of the raw material for the tireunder the high temperature condition,and provide thetechnical evaluation as well as support for the developmentof the raw material for the tire and the improvement of tireperformance.


The rubber abrasion, flex and cut performance are mainly tested in this laboratory. Flex is tested by using the high- and low- temperature De Mattia flexometer machine.And the friction and abrasion properties are tested byAkron, DIN , the new Lamborne abrasion testing machines,and the rubber dynamic cutting resistance tester. The above equipment provide technical supports for researching and developping abrasive, cutting resistant and flex resistant rubber.

Low Temperature

The adaptation of rubber storage and use at low temperature is tested in this laboratory. Through testingthe brittleness temperature by the low temperature brittleness tester, and the temperature of formulary retraction rate by TR tester, we can analyze the propertiesof the rubber at low temperature accurately and quickly.

Reinforcing Material Cooperative

The Reinforcing Material Cooperative Lab. is built by Doublestar Group and NV Bekaert SA. The two sides jointly develop new framework materials and apply newtechnologies to the tire industry centering on the performance characterization of tire framework materials.such as structure, strength and rubber adhesion, combining with calendering, cutting and molding process adaptability.

Physical and Mechanical Properties

The rubber physical and mechanical properties aremainly tested in this laboratory. The main equipment ofthis laboratory are the high and low temperature tensiletester produced by US Instron,the differential pressure method gas permeability instrument, the thermal conductivity instrument, the high and low temperature rebound instrument, the shore hardness tester, and the automatic hydrometer, which can be used for testingtensile strength,tear strength, permeability to gases,thermal conductivity, rebound, hardness, density of rubber.providing data supports for improving the rubber physical Techanical and properties.

Dynamic Thermodynamics

The rubber dynamic mechanics performance is mainlytested in this laboratory. We can test the energy storagemodulus, loss modulus, loss factor, Tg of rubber and dynamic compression heat generation temperature rise ofrubber with the dynamic thermal mechanical analyzer and dynamic compression heat generation testing machine which are producted by German GABO company. Making astudy of rubber dynamic thermomechanical properties canprovide supports for designing and developing rubber with low rolling resistance and low heat generationphysical properties.

High Speed Uniformity

In this laboratory , the facility is used to measure the radial force variation, tangential force variation and lateral force variation characteristics of tires under high speed and applied load. It can simulate the impact force and flat-spot force attenuation characteristics of tires, and measure tire geometric structure characteristics such as tread temperature and run-out. lt provides data reference for OEM and FEA.


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