At Jupiter Tire we strive to provide the best service experience in the industry.

Jupiter Tire Group is a dynamic company designed to meet tire needs on a globalscale.Our company is dividedbetween two strategic locations. Qingdao Jupiter Co. Ltd is the corporate headquarterslocated in Qingdao, China and Jupiter Tire Group Inc. located in Southern CaliforniaUSA.

Both companies are comprised of tire industry professionals with many years of importand export experience, We offer TBRPCR OTR,and ST tires from Thailand andChina.

Qingdao Jupiter Tire Group Co. Ltd receives orders and maintains a pipeline tocountries all over Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.Jupiter Tire Group is the Headquarter for the U.S. market focusing on direct containersales to wholesalers and distributors nationally while maintaining a warehouse forregional customers.

Jupiter Tire has delivered over 1000 containers since our inception with exponentialgrowth in the millions of dollars.

At Jupiter Tire we strive to provide the best service experience in the industry. Fromassisting customers in determining their tire needs, to building their containers, tokeeping them abreast of the status of their deliveryTOMORO TBR, our flagship brand, is the one we are most proud of. It comes in everypractical pattern and size The quality is of the highest standard, engineered with thelatest German machinery and built with the best available rubber compound.From long haul highways to dirt and gravel roads, TOMORO has a tire built for all terrains.TOMORO has a tire for you!

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U.S.A: +1 909 627 0606
CHINA: +86 0532 6907 7032

China office: Room 601 BaiTong Building, Jingkou Road, Qingdao, China

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